Both my wife and I have had many financial requirements conducted and concluded in a very satisfactory manner by Steve and his colleagues. If you have any financial requirements, then I would definitely recommend Kingsgate-IFA to provide a very satisfactory service. You will not be disappointed! Paul M - Eastbourne

We provide completely independent, holistic financial planning. We operate turnkey and bespoke solutions to deliver robust wealth management planning in a legitimate, cohesive and tax efficient manner – maintained for life.

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Our approach

Kingsgate exist to provide expert bespoke financial planning and ongoing wealth management services to private individuals, families and corporate clients. We have provided these financial engineering services for over a quarter of a century.

As experienced independents our services are always confidential. Our approach is best described as personalised, cohesive and holistic. We provide first class robust financial plans, tailored to individual need, with ongoing lifetime stewardship.

We understand that everyone has different requirements, goals and budgets, and that circumstances will change, so we view sound financial planning as a process of continued client collaboration and dialogue. We are there to draw focus on priorities, assist decision making and maintain strategic plans that will meet the required objectives in a suitable, cost effective and tax efficient manner.

It therefore follows that we value and enjoy long term business relationships, as these are pre-requisite to helping clients live the life they want – sooner.

By combining our collective wisdom with first class service, we trust you may relax in the knowledge that your financial future is in the best hands.

Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel prize-winning academia, and our portfolios can evidence superior value and performance in a peer group of more than 500 portfolios from 77 major UK investment houses.

We maintain our portfolios using a set of rules and filters that combine empirical data, ongoing market insight and continued intellectual rigour.

Invariably, nobody knows what markets will do tomorrow, so our global multi-asset investment strategies reflect the belief that time in the market is more important than attempting to time market entry.

For sound investor outcomes we apply risk governance to all portfolios and will always seek to match client risk tolerance with appropriate investment strategies.

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Tax Planning

Our stewardship will oversee your investment, retirement and estate succession plans with optimal tax and cost efficiency - Let your finances travel further.


Global risk-governed portfolios are tailored to you, engineered on empirical evidence and academic insight, with unfettered access to the entire UK regulated investment universe.

Life Assurance

The bad news is life is finite - and uncertain. Be acceptant and plan accordingly. If you can’t stop the heart attack or the car accident – at least avoid the financial impact for yourself, your family and your business.

Claims Administration

When you need to access pensions or investments, or claim on your insurance, we’ll take away the technical and administration stress by dealing with the providers and tax aspects for you.

Income Insurance

How long does your income last if you cannot work due to ill-health? Your standard of living depends on a regular income, and so does your retirement. Holistic planning considers all eventualities and plans for them, to protect your independence and your future.

Funeral Plans

Death is inevitable - and traumatic for the survivors. Save your family worry and expense by securing your funeral service costs at today’s prices.